ATTENTION B.O.Ds., Committees, Trail Bosses & Land Owners NYSSA Voucher Instructions!

Your NYSSA & Club Membership Information should reach you by e-mail within the next couple of days if you haven't received it yet! When you log in your user ID will be your membership no. which should be the same as last year, you may use your old password when prompted for a new one. You may continue to use your old password.  After logging in, click on "voucher" on the right side of the page and print out at least two (2) vouchers in color and one for each additional sled you will be registering.  Gerry Lenseth is processing your memberships for the vouchers at this time. If you don't receive this e-mail from NYSSA by next Friday 10/7/11 call Gerry & leave him a message.

Notice From The Mayor Of The Village Of Esperance

We were notified by the Mayor that Snowmobiles have been seen riding on sidewalks in the Village of Esperance. It is illegal for a motor vehicle of any type to ride on sidewalks anywhere in NYS. Stay OFF the sidewalks and on the Marked Trails ONLY for snowmobiles !!!  You are subject to the the laws and local ordinances of every municipality! 

Altered Exhaust Systems !

Many snowmobile racing enthusiasts believe removing their mufflers, running straight pipes and retuning their carbs or fuel injectors will give them a much quicker sled.  This may be true, but because you just voided the manufacturer's warranty by making these alterations often leads to a much quiker engine failure !  Unless you are sponsored by many snowmobile manufacturers, dealers or accessories vendors for Pro & Pro-Am Competitive Events, it will set you back about 3 or 4 thousand dollars just to get it running again. To get these sponsorships you must be Pro or Pro-Am registered. Contact NYSSA to find out about the different racing programs available to you. If you don't, then at least contact NYSSA to find a LEGAL Area in which you can run your Racers, because it is Illegal to ride on trails & trespass on private properties or public lands throughout N.Y. State. Law Enforcement will eventually find these sleds and have the authority to confiscate and impound these alterd sleds once they have been reported by a citizen of the extreme loudness and noise it caused. If this conduct continues, it could be considered harrassment and the owner could be fined !  So please take your Racers to a facility that supports these alterations and create a better relationship with your Neighbors and Snowmobile Clubs. Don't jeopardize the sport and recreation of Snowmobiling for a quick thrill ! We have been receiving many complaints this season of the unbearable noise from the altered sleds by Land Owners.  On Sunday, 1/30,  there was a group of sleds behind the E. Berne Mobil-Mart where they gassed up and then headed toward Knox running through hedge rows and damaging the trail system.  Inspect your sled before riding and ensure you and your sled are 100% LEGAL.  REMEMBER, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO  SNOWMOBILES  With  ALTERED EXHAUST SYSTEMS ALLOWED  To RIDE On ANY TRAILS  IN THE STATE Of  N.Y. ! 


Club Mission

The Frontier Sno-Riders Snomobile Club promotes the recreational and beneficial aspects of safe, responsible and proper snowmobiling within and around our community while establishing, marking, and maintaining trails with the permission of each individual landowner.

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