Future Club House

Our club is looking towards the future!  As you may or may not be aware, the number of club members has grown over the last few years, our trails have become bigger and better and so is our grooming equipment.  That being said, the Frontier Sno-Riders would like to find a piece of land on or very close to the trail system somewhere between Esperance and Berne to build a clubhouse that would serve as our monthly meeting place as well as groomer storage/shop.  This is the first piece of the puzzle that will likely take several years to complete.  If anyone has a small piece of buildable land that could be donated, for sale or knows of someone who does, please pass the information to a club board member.  Looking forward to the future of this club and what it can become!

Trail Warning 2/25/16

We have had reports of ATVs using the snowmobile trail in the Duanesburg area, The club works very hard with the land owners to reach an agreement for land use each year.  It only takes a few people to ruin it for all of us.  The landowners have a right to prosecute trespassers, the landowners and authorities will be on the lookout for these unauthorized riders and will make arrests. Keep the Atvs off the snowmobile trails!