Groomer safety class/show

Saturday 1-14-17 A group of 8 Frontier Sno Rider's members attended the Groomer Safety Course and Groomer Show at the Salisbury Ridge Runners Clubhouse in Dolgeville, NY.  The course provided some helpful tips and information to help the groomers be safer out on the trails and lay down a nice trail. Then we were able to check out and demo some of the new equipment brought in by regional dealers.

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New Trail Kiosks for this Season

Frontier Sno Riders would like to thank Questar III in Hudson, NY for donating time to build 3 new trail kiosks with materials provided by the club and club members. These will house our trail maps at various points on the trail system. Thanks also goes to Travis Costello for organizing the builds.

kiosk 1 kiosk 2


Printable Membership Form in .pdf format

Please be aware that printing and mailing in your application will take you at least two (2) weeks longer to receive your registration voucher.  The quickest & best way is to select "Join our Club Online" to register, pay for by credit card and print out your voucher immediately from NYSSA.  But if you choose to wait the extra time, then print out the Club application form below, fill in the required information and mail it along with your check to the address indicated on the form. Your voucher will then be mailed to you. It is advised to make a second color copy of it for your file before you register with DMV.  Applications are also available at all Club meetings.  It is benefical to all Snowmobilers and the Clubs in the State of NY for All sleds to be registered with the NYS-DMV by Dec. 1st every year for all of the Clubs to be allocated the correct funds to maintain and groom the trails you ride on this season, otherwise you may experience a "bumpier" ride than you expected.   Thank You.

2021-2022 FSR Membership Form