Safe Riders  

As an off-road experience, snowmobiling can have risks. Every snowmobile rider using snowmobile trails in New York State should understand and accept the following:

  • All snowmobiles will be operated meeting legal requirements and all operators and passengers know and obey all New York State laws pertaining to the use of snowmobiles.
  • It is recognized and accepted that snowmobiling is essentially an off-road activity taking place in an unpredictable natural environment.
  • The grooming and maintenance of trails, when provided, is meant solely to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of safe and prudent operators and passengers.
  • It is not practical or possible to maintain all trails uniformly or to remove all unexpected or unknown trail conditions.
  • Weather conditions affect trails and snowmobile operation and they may change without warning.
  • The majority of trails are on privately held lands and respecting the wishes of the landowner is key to protecting the trail.
  • The snowmobile operator is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of his/her snowmobile: Know your limit, Ride within it.
  • The NYSSA member clubs are volunteer-based organizations with finite resources and manpower.
  • The NYSSA member clubs are providing the privilege of trail access for most snowmobile trails in New York State without any guarantee of service or quality.

Snowmobile operators and passengers will:

  • not consume alcohol prior to or while using the trails.
  • be prudent and responsible and shall ensure that snowmobiles are operated with appropriate care and control at all times.
  • ride in control at a prudent and reasonable speed under the prevailing trail and weather conditions.
  • stay to the right side of the trail.
  • know that there may be grooming or other maintenance activities under way at any time of the day or night Groomers have the right of way.
  • adhere to the Safe Riders Pledge by the International Snowmobile Manufacturer’s Association.
  • be aware that emergency and cell phone service may not be available from all trail locations.
  • follow all posted signs.
  • know that snowmobiling on trails in New York State is regarded as a family-oriented activity.
  • know the unique and particular dangers of ice crossing.
  • dress appropriately for all conditions and will have appropriate safety and emergency equipment at all times.
  • respect landowner wishes, obey posted signs, and stay on the trail.